”Some Of You Posting Stingy Men Are Poor” -Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike

Socialist, Pretty mike of Lagos trolled some stingy men association members that they are only poor.

The media personality took to his Instastory to shade those joining stingy men association but they are broke.

According to him, the stingy men association is only for the rich niggas, not for some poor broke guys who are still struggling to make ends meet.

Pretty mike further express his stand on the association and he made it clear in his post on his Instastory that he’s neither rich, nor stingy, but he’s working towards his goal.

Read his post below;

”Some Of You Posting Stingy Men Are Poor” -Pretty Mike
The Stingy men association is a newfound group by some social media men who have vowed not to spend their money on women again.

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