Kaisha and Lucy fight on BBNaija Reunion show

Kaisha and Lucy fight on BBNaija Reunion show

More drama from the set of the BBNaija Reunion for the Lockdown housemates as Kaisha and Lucy fight.

The BBNaija Lockdown Reunion show is ongoing and the former housemates after spilling the juice about their stay in the house and what has been happening outside the house.

In today’s episode, K3na explained why she unfollowed all her former housemates on social media. She mentioned her strained relationship with Lucy and the rest of the group.

In another fiasco on national TV, Lucy and Kaisha got into a fight with each other. Both Lucy and Kaisha got a little physical with each other as their reactions to each other escalated very quickly.

Kaisha threw a pillow at Lucy who did not hesitate to pounce back on her attacker.

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