Goya Menor – Ameno Amapiano (David Guetta Remix)

Goya Menor – Ameno Amapiano (David Guetta Remix)

Nigerian talented hype man and rapper, Goya Menor has some newer version of EDM remix of their hit banger named, “Ameno Amapiano.”

Basically, Goya Menor and Nektunez placed the call over to international sound author and French DJ, David Guetta to gift us some EDM elements on their breakthrough radiant remake of ERA’s tune “Ameno Amapiano.”

As we look forward to this version, “Ameno Amapiano” (Remix) was on every trend and topics on the internet which dominated several music space and music charts in Nigeria and also spotted continentally and across the globe. Nektunez’s lucky charm seems to have worked.

His producing instincts were adequate to coincide with Goya Menor’s attitude as they created “Ameno Amapiano,” a beautiful studio composition. Meanwhile, David Guetta has his own take on the song, where he includes some EDM elements to make it more interesting.

Furthermore, “Ameno” was actually founded and recorded by E.R.A in the 1990s, and Nigerian content creators have been using it as a background music for videos and skits since last year. Goya Menor adds his unique take to the plate, and it’s generating a stir both in and out of the studio.

Listen to “Ameno Amapiano” (David Guetta Remix) by Goya Menor below.


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